Our Partners

Menucha partners with local organizations, schools and businesses to support children with special needs in the Baltimore Jewish community.

Center for Jewish Education (CJE) - partners with Menucha's Sunday Simcha program which takes place back-to-back with the CJE's Gesher LaTorah Sunday school.

Camp Chofetz Chaim/TA - Hosted MENUCHAS KAYITZ - a summer camp for boys with special needs where they had their own one on one; counselors, and joined the mainstream camp whenever possible.

Suburban Orthodox Synagogue - Provides space for Menucha's evening program at a significantly reduced rental fee.

Jewish Community Services (JCS)  MENUCHA consulted with The JCS in an historic opening of first Orthodox Jewish group home in Baltimore.

Bnos Agudath Israel - Partners in the ;Yom Shabbos Menucha; program, where children with special needs join their non-disabled peers in this very popular Shabbos afternoon program.

Maalot Seminary - Maalot & Menucha (M&M). Maalot seminary provides selected students the opportunity to work with a child with special needs, giving the students hands on experience, and bringing joy to the children.

Jewish Volunteer Connection (JVC) - Partners with Menucha to provide mini-camps for children with disabilities in June and August, when school is out, and camps are not in session.

Local Orthodox Day Schools - In partnership with Bais Yaakov, Talmudical Academy, Beth Tfiloh, and Bnos Yisroel. Student volunteers visit children at home, and/or staff special programs.